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China Cultural Heritage



The liquor brewing history in Luzhou began in Qin and Han dynasties, bloomed in Tang and Song dynasties, flourished in Ming and Qing dynasties, and developed in new China. Nowadays, Luzhou Laojiao has become a world-famous and century-old liquor enterprise. Also it is a large brewing backbone company who developed from 36 ancient workshops built in Ming and Qing dynasties.


Luzhou Laojiao owns the Cellars of National Treasure 1573, founded in 1573, which is under the complete protection and has been continuously using to now. It was granted by the State Council of China as the first Cultural Relic of National Importance in Chinese liquor industry, and under the protection of the State since December 1996; it was selected into the preliminary list of China for World Heritage in 2006; The ancient brewing workshops of Luzhou Laojiao were again selected into the Preliminary List of China for World Heritage in November, 2012; 1619 cellars of Luzhou Laojiao reserved more than 100 years, 16 ancient brewing workshops built in Ming and Qing dynasties, and three natural storage caves, they all were selected into the China’s Cultural Heritage in March 2013, which incorporated into the 4th batch of National Cultural Relic Protection Units. At the same time, Luzhou Laojiao possesses 10086 brewing cellar groups, and 1619 brewing cellar groups are aged more than a hundred years.